Robert Baindourov

Full Stack Web Developer with MERN stack, and Open Source Solutions Architect. Over fifteen years professional experience providing solutions for E-Commerce, Content Management Systems, Rich Internet Applications or Single Page Applications, Micro-Services and SaaS in general. Expert in Linux and Windows development using NodeJS, PHP, C++, BASH. Adept with MariaDB, PostgreSQL, DynamoDB, ElasticSearch, and MongoDB as datastores. Expert in HTML5, JavaScript, CSS3, and ReactJS for front end development. Experienced in various IoT technologies and protocols. Capable of CI/CD and SRE work with various cloud computing providers.

Los Angeles, CA

Work Experience

[ Dec 2020 - April 2021 ]        Salesforce        Telecommute

GitHub / CloudBees / DevOps / Heroku

  • Took ownership of DevOps tasks necessary for the team for new Global Privacy Compliance projects.
  • Acting as liaison to the CI/CD and APT team, analyzing existing tools, and similar projects.
  • Presented proposals defining Trunk Based Development and GitFlow workflows for microservices.
  • Explained limitations and opinions that are enforced by Enterprise Pipeline at Salesforce to my team.
  • Integrated with several toolsets provided by the Automation team as part of a reusable Enterprise Pipeline. Explored alternative solutions and initiatives being researched by other teams.
  • Setup NodeJS codebases with proper Jenkinsfile, package.json, npmrc boilerplating.
  • Created repositories with branch projection, CloudBees jobs with GitHub webhooks for build checks.
  • Used Mocha, Checkmarx, JSDoc and Nexus as build steps for Trunk based Continuous Delivery of NPM modules.
  • Defined QA, UAT, and Production environment promotion strategy for releases using a GitFlow model, for the API portion of the project which is implemented with ExpressJS.
  • Provided support and guidance to the broader team(s).

[ Jan. 2020 – Aug. 2020 ]         Hulu        Santa Monica, CA

NodeJS / ETL / BASH / Linux

  • Took ownership of a Portfolio Management solution for executive leadership, to better present the internal state of Hulu’s ongoing goals to their parent company.
  • Responsible for a mission critical ETL system that provides insight into the completion and confidence of Initiatives, Epics, and Stories in both planning and execution phases.
  • Technical work first included reading and understanding the inherited codebase, fixing complex issues such as memory leaks, and other more obvious design problems.
  • Wrote NodeJS based API integrations to execute Jira Query Language statements to extract a paginated result from Jira. Also wrote extractors for Airtable and ElasticSearch. Created various schemas and mappings between them for the data transformation logic. And wrote API integrations with each endpoint system to load and present the result.
  • Used cron and BASH on Ubuntu based VMWare nodes on Hulu’s private cloud to deploy and run the ETL software.
  • Used Airtable as a User Experience endpoint for leadership. Airtable UI mostly curated by the Technical Program Managers, for reports, various demos, and to present more efficient workflows.
  • Setup a Kibana and ElasticSearch instance to help with possible scaling issues and other calculations, attempting to future proof the project.
  • Began planning work on extending Airtable with more visualizations, either custom ReactJS, custom blocks, or other 3rd party tools such as a RoadMunk integration.

[ Aug. 2019 – Dec 2019 ]        Universal Music Group        Woodland Hills, CA

MERN / Microservices / OpenAPI / Docker / Jenkins / BASH / AWS / DevOps

  • Worked on a content rendering system; Microservice based solution built on top of AWS cloud. Doing high level design, development, and devops for LAMP and MERN projects in the service mesh.
  • Setup Drupal Dockerfile and Jenkins pipeline. Project used Drupal to feed text content into AWS ElasticSearch, and static content into S3 and CloudFront, as part of the Solution Architecture.
  • Integrated transpilation and unit testing as part of the CI/CD pipeline for the NodeJS based services. Perfecting production ready NodeJS Docker containers for both API and UI services.
  • Made heavy use of MultiStage Dockerfiles, Bash Scripts, Jenkins Pipelines and GitFlow VCS strategies to setup a CI/CD pipeline for various environments.
  • Setup Docker-Compose to launch NGINX, MariaDB, PHPFPM and NodeJS Service Mesh into a Docker Swarm cluster hosted on AWS EC2 instances, load balanced with traefik.
  • Integrated Jenkins with Vault for secret store.
  • Used Portainer to debug Docker stacks and containers running in Docker Swarm on EC2.
  • Experimented with Terraform, Kubernetes, and TeamCity.
  • Architected and coded a sentiment system, allowing users to register likes against the content.
  • Used NodeJS, ExpressJS, and TypeScript to create an API service that is integrated with DynamoDB and ElasticSearch. Used Swagger / OpenAPI for the project core.
  • Setup PM2 workflows for development and mentored developers on BabelJS and TypeScript workflows for UI and API NodeJS services.
  • Used ReactJS and Redux to display Notifications, Content, and Likes in a UI Rendering Micro-Service. And a ReactJS based progressive web app for mobile.
  • Integrated Drupal, API, and UI services with NewRelic and Splunk for application monitoring.
  • Integrated NodeJS API with Service Now, and eTAS to provide notifications to the UI.

[ Feb. 2019 – July 2019]        First Republic Bank        San Francisco, CA

MEAN / Microservices / OpenAPI / Docker / OpenShift / OAuth

  • Participated as Lead Architect with an offshore model via Persistent Systems, LLC with First Republic Bank as the end client;
  • Leading on-site integration of the deliverables. A Microservices based solution for regulatory compliance called Know Your Customer.
  • Created integration approach documents to outline various business processes and product verticals that would hook into the software.
  • Used OAuth 2.0 and SAML to integrate with Single Sign On on desktop and mobile.
  • Designed and coded the User Entitlements and Access Control integration with the Active Directory system. Synchronizing employee registry with our Micro-Services.
  • Secured API with Mule Gateway and OAuth generated JWT tokens via EIDMS.
  • Responsible for Code Review and Audits of NPM modules based on InfoSec guidelines.
  • Responsible for Code deployments into the private cloud using Jenkins, Black Duck, Docker, and OpenShift. Using command line tools to package and deploy containers in the cloud solution.
  • Designed and coded the integration with the Melissa Address Verification system.

[ Jan. 2016 – Feb. 2019 ]        Cisco Systems, Inc.        Telecommute

NodeJS / C++ / IoT Solutions

  • Worked for the Cisco IoT innovations department on their Cisco Asset Management and Cisco Kinetic platforms. Software solutions for IoT deployments.
  • Used NodeJS to mock CAM’s Rhino JavaScript Interpreter, creating an internal tool for accelerating JavaScript plugin development in CAM, and facilitating integrations with Partners.
  • Setup a lab for experimentation with Raspberry PI 3, ZStick and Aeotec Smart Plug. Used C++ to alter Open ZWave Control Panel to produce an XML web service and wrote the JavaScript plugin for CAM to consume the data. Effectively Architecting a custom gateway for ZWave.
  • Setup a lab for experimentation with NuLeds smart LED lighting system via UDP protocol.
  • Helped design and setup a 10 million dollar VMWare based Virtualized private cloud solution in North Carolina, RTP. Utilizing Cisco’s UCS, Storage, and Networking hardware solutions.
  • Used Filemaker to launch a data collection application on iOS devices for technicians doing surveys in the field, to help analyze IoT solutions for cell phone tower sites.
  • Wrote Java Swing based ETL tool to help pull data out of CAM into CSV format.
  • Worked with Industrial Routers such as the IR829, IOx containers, while productizing various IoT PoC solutions alongside with Cisco Partners.
  • Experimented with Node-Red on IR829, consuming REST-API’s and publishing them to MQTT, or other protocols. Helping Cisco Partners with backhauling and processing data from the Edge.
  • Worked on integrating MTConnect agents into CAM with JavaScript.
  • Architected NodeJS based IoT simulator, and later created ReactJS based UI. This internal tool was used for data generation, to demonstrate the value proposition of IoT deployments.
  • Underwent “Inventor Training” to audit the possibility of filing a patent for our IoT Simulator.
  • Witnessed how the ‘End of Life’ of CAM gave birth to the adoption of an open source Distributed Service Architecture solution for IoT at Cisco, called Kinetic.
  • Audited existing documentation on DSLink development process for the Cisco Kinetic platform.
  • Wrote and curated developers experience for new DSLink developers, for the C++11 DSLink SDK, up on Cisco DevNet.
  • Created Debian and CentOS based images with SDK and IDE to accelerate developer adoption.
  • Wrote an open source DSLink in C++11 to act as an example of embedded development with DSA.
  • Provided QA, feedback, to Cisco partners during their DSLink development.

[ July 2015 – Dec. 2015 ]        Brentwood, CA

NodeJS / MeteorJS / ReactJS / PHP / Ruby

  • Lead backend developer using NodeJS, MeteorJS, and ReactJS, at a startup.
  • Wrote custom Salesforce data syncing job using SOQL API to pull data and store into Postgres.
  • Wrote page scraper in NodeJS to pull publicly available data from
  • Created integration to streamline accounting department operations in MeteorJS.
  • Working on ReactJS based sales assist wizard to streamline field sales with MeteorJS mobile app.
  • Created lead enrichment service in Ruby, Sinatra, on top of Apache with Passenger to verify lead address’ with SmartyStreets API and add more data back to Salesforce from RealtyTrac API.
  • Created PHP based Facebook LeadGen form integration.
  • Managed AWS account, Jenkins based Continuous Integration, and GitFlow when applicable.

[ Oct. 2014 – July 2015 ]        Spokeo        Pasadena, CA

MarionetteJS / Backbone / SASS

  • Senior JavaScript developer for
  • Responsible for features such as social import, on boarding spotlight, and introductions and hints throughout the user's flow.
  • Implemented session storage for incognito mode caching issues.
  • Fixed CSS layout issues. Implemented SASS.
  • Resolved issues with transaction bottlenecks in Torquebox and JRuby.
  • Diagnosed and fixed memory leaks in Rails applications.
  • Assisted with design and architecture of the business and back end systems.
  • Fixed issues with MySQL, MongoDB  and Titan graph data store.
  • Touched on ElasticSearch for people and historical records search systems.
  • Went to RailsConf 2015 and met industry thought leaders such as DHH, Koichi Sasada, Aaron Patterson, and Kent Beck: inventor of Agile Development methodologies.
  • Brown bag discussion comparing ReactJS, AngularJS, ES2015, CoffeeScript and BabelJS for transpilation.
  • Mentored junior developers on Design Patterns.

[ Nov. 2013 - Aug. 2014 ]        Apple        Sunnyvale, CA

NodeJS / Java / Mustache / Jasmine /CanJS

  • Worked as a Senior Software Engineer for the Apple Online Store(AOS)
  • Wrote server side NodeJS tools for front end developers; to assist with rendering HTML on the server side with Mustache and JSON data models.
  • Did research and development to find a JavaScript based, server side Mustache rendering engine: Hogan and FSHogan which can load templates from the file system.
  • Wrote a similar tool once deficiencies were discovered in Hogan, using Mustache.Java implementation.  The Java version was very similar to the NodeJS version in architecture, a command line Java application that starts a Jetty web server with custom handlers.
  • Assisted with Web Objects to Spring MVC migration by porting existing Production HTML into Mustache and JSON data models.
  • Worked closely with back end team to finalize the data models contracts.
  • Responsible for jQuery 1.10 migration for, and Jasmine unit tests to facilitate Behavior Driven Development.
  • Made enhancements to existing MEAN Stack based Issue Monitor tool.
  • Responsible for Accessories page in the buy flow, as well as the site navigation, including footer and utility navigation, which is visible on all pages.
  • Provided mentorship and guidance, as well as architecture recommendations.

[ Feb. 2013 - Oct 2013 ]        Toyota        Telecommute Contract

ActionScript / D3.js / SVG / LifeRay / CSS3 / HTML5

  • Used D3 to create several visualizations of social data, accessed via twitter and instagram, as part of an R&D project. D3 is an OSS JavaScript library, used for manipulating HTML5 graphic elements via W3C Scalable Vector Graphics specification.
  • Worked on a geographic twitter visualization, which uses search terms and real time streaming data to hone in pop up boxes over a global map, by reverse engineering existing open source projects. Created CMS system for the geographic popup visualization, for demo purposes. Allowing the client to switch between Sales, Customer Relations, or Twitter feeds in real time, and to switch between the Lexus, Toyota, Scion brands and sources.
  • Wrote tools to prepare data for demonstrations, and collaborated with the in house Software Architect and with backend Java / Spring team to mine consumer sentiment data.
  • Reverse engineered and modified open source ActionScript project to meet ever-increasing business requirements. Extended the ActionScript project to connect to the Chatter API as well Twitter. Used CSS3 to stylize Flash fonts.
  • Added new layouts to the ActionScript project, and provided consultation and knowledge transfer on the functionality.
  • Near the end did some LifeRay theme modification for a Tag Cloud concept, using CSS3 and template file modifications.

[ Oct. 2012 - Feb. 2013 ]        ABC Family        Burbank, CA

CodeIgniter PHP / jQuery / CSS3 / HTML5

  • Helped design and execute an automation system as part of an agile development team.
  • Integrated PHPUnit with CodeIgniter via CIUnit extension for the unit test team and provided Selenium automation demonstration to the client.
  • Used Test Driven Development to create frame accurate gap and overlap analysis component for the daily broadcast schedule.
  • Worked on a configurable health monitoring component as part of a redundancy system.
  • Utilized process forking in Linux to design an asynchronous frame accurate timer.
  • Participated in writing unit tests in PHPUnit for other teammates as well as creating utilities to help debug and functionally test the project.
  • Wrote multiple REST services for both front end AJAX consumption and for other business objects.
  • Wrote jQuery, enhancing the UI with a polling system to track state of the application.
  • Helped debug and launch the product in an Ubuntu Linux environment on AWS and dedicated boxes.

[ April 2012 - Oct. 2012 ]        Disney Studios        Burbank, CA

Grails / jQuery / CSS3 / HTML5

  • Filled multiple roles working at the Advanced Technologies department of Disney Studio’s in a Scrum/Agile environment.
  • Gathered business requirements, and functional specifications from the product owner and other stakeholders at Disney. Created and maintained wireframes to facilitate product design during the first phase of the project. Participated in a team effort to plan and design the technical specifications for the products actual execution.
  • Responsible for writing the schema, and executing the project with GSP, jQuery, HTML5, and CSS3 code for the front end, as well as doing back end work with Groovy and Grails plugins.
  • Wrote Domain Classes, Controllers, and Services as part of the project  execution.
  • Troubleshot the WAR deployment process and delegated the duty to other team members by showing them how to build and launch the application.
  • Setup Ubuntu servers for development and production environments by installing and configuring Tomcat, MySQL, and the Java Development Kit.
  • Responsible for implementing the UX and roles for multiple user stories using Spring Security Core.
  • Integrated jQuery Datatables plugin for paginated searchable data sets in the UI.

[ Oct. 2011 - March 2012 ]        NBC Universal        Los Angeles, CA

jQuery / CSS3 / HTML5 / JSTL

  • Worked as a front end developer for, handling various tasks as part of an Agile Development team.
  • Responsible for writing jQuery, HTML5, and CSS3 code as well as some JSTL and light Java.
  • Created new 'twitter chat' module for show packages.
  • Worked on comment module integration on show packages and photo galleries.
  • Worked on transitioning front end code into 'views' for the new MVC architecture using Spring.
  • Created proof of concept for liquid UI, like design.

[ April 2011 - Oct. 2011 ]        Disney        North Hollywood, CA

jQuery / CSS3 / HTML5 / Java Platform

  • Worked as a front end developer for as part of an Agile Development team.
  • Responsible for writing jQuery, HTML5, and CSS3 code as well as some Freemarker and Java. As a backfill position, there was a requirement to reverse engineer the existing codebase in order to be able to hit sprint deadlines.
  • Integrated  'Box Set' redemption system into the front end with jQuery, allowing users to redeem coupon codes from DVD box sets.
  • Added new pages to the 'My Movie Library', the tile and list view.
  • Added chaptering system to the flash movie player.
  • Added informational tool tips for when users mouseover movies in the catalog and library.
  • Provided offsite support for product transition.

[ April 2011 ]        Telecommute Contract

Zend Framework / jQuery / CSS3 / HTML5

  • Offsite one month contract to update revenue reporting system to HTML5.
  • Analyzed their current reporting system written in Zend Framework, both front and back end.
  • Reprogrammed the charting system to work with HighCharts for iPad and iOS browsers.
  • Created FusionChart data converters in jQuery.
  • Hooked the ViewHelper object to display Pie, Column, Line, Spline, and Area charts with HighCharts.

[ Jan. 2011 - March 2011 ]        Encino, CA

ActionScript 3 / CodeIgniter / Zend / jQuery

  • Worked on the Cyberville, a Tower Defense, Facebook game using Flash ActionScript 3 for Northrop Grumman. Made heavy use of OOP to create basic elements such as threats, towers, blocks, and towns within the game.
  • Used observer and singleton design patterns to properly structure the game system.
  • Created the 'Block Editor': a Flash map editor app used to design levels within the game, which is embedded in a CodeIgniter CMS.
  • Contributed to game play by removing critical errors in the game play associated with pausing.
  • Created the leaderboard and achievement sections, integrating with Facebook to retrieve friends profile pictures. Responsible for architecting the MySQL database,  for creating JSON Web Services in CodeIgniter PHP. Wrote frontend code in ActionScript and jQuery to consume the Web Services.
  • Worked on a Fox Movies 'Million Moments' ad campaign using ActionScript 3. Designed my own CMS and RESTful web services using Zend Framework.
  • Architected the entire 'Million Moments' system, Flash frontend and Zend CMS with JSON Web Services, which used the ‘Playoffs’ model to allow people to vote on their favorite movies and see which one was the winner.

[ Nov. 2010 - Dec. 2010 ]        Burbank,CA

Frontend Engineer for Advertising.Yahoo.Com (AYC)

  • Worked on the Business to Business portal. Used Red Hat Enterprise Linux and a custom development environment. Made styling changes to the Search filters. Most of the work was PHP.
  • Worked on bringing image search and video search into the local search on AYC.
  • Worked on a new Drupal based CMS system, hosted on
  • Made modifications to Drupal UI, and helped extend custom Overlay Editing System.
  • Helped troubleshoot production issues by minimizing CPU load on servers for Drupal based content, and memory leaks in the B2B portal.

[ June 2010 – Oct. 2010 ]        West Los Angeles, CA

Zend Framework / ActionScript / HTML5 / jQuery

  • MashOn is an agile development environment, highly innovative, the company is betting on HTML5. Responsible for porting the company’s core business systems, the Flash based product creator, into HTML5 and new open web standards such as SVG.
  • Evaluated many JavaScript frameworks, like GWT, SenchaTouch, SproutCore, and Cappuccino.
  • Used Zend and ActionScript 3 to create the “Airhogs Movie Masher”
  • Made modifications to the web service server, which was built using Zend, to convert serialized Flash content into SVG images.
  • Primary project was to launch a new product for the company. An HTML5 clone of their current Flash based product creator. Can be seen in use:
  • Upgraded and managed Magento stores for MGM, Tokyopop, and Jim Henson.

[ March 2009 – Dec. 2009]        Encino, CA

LAMP / Zend Framework

  • Worked with the Zend Framework on T3leads next generation lead bidding system and affiliate network. Extended system into a real time leads marketplace capable of handling insurance, payday loan, mortgage and various other verticals.
  • Worked with a large team of offshore developers in the Russian Federation.
  • Used jQuery, and other JavaScript frameworks, to animate effects on the new site.
  • Ran an audit of the Publishers experience, and created a user’s guide.
  • Created a lead generation network of several sites using an in house technology called private feeds.

[ May 2008 – Dec. 2008 ]        BCBGMAXAZRIA, INC.        Vernon, CA

LAMP / ActionScript

  • Worked on several projects from varying complexities; The team consisted of a couple graphic designers, a junior ActionScripter, a PHP Developer, and me, as Sr. Full Stack Developer, with LAMP and Flash.
  • Maintained Virtual Catalog application on by editing XML files and writing PHP scripts which interfaced with the MySQL database to provide dynamic data as a web service.
  • Modified the Virtual Catalog application with ActionScript 2.0. Rewrote the majority of the functionality, adding new features such as the “auto flip”, “buy links”, and “page preview”.
  • Created dynamic CMS driven systems for all of the websites. Used Ajax, CSS, and LAMP to write the CMS backend.
  • Created marketing campaigns and analyzed data for “First Ladies” election driven marketing campaign, and holiday driven “Gift Giving” campaign.
  • Integrated websites with CoreMetrics analytics using JavaScript and Flash together.
  • Integrated flash with Omniture ActionSource analytics by embedding specialized ActionScript code and objects into the applications.
  • Integrated all of their branded websites with ExactTarget Email marketing solution using cURL.
  • Created the “Create Your Look” application from scratch using ActionScript 2.0.

[ May 2007 – May 2008 ]        Glendale, CA

PHP / MySQL / ActionScript / Flash

  • Worked full time for a new startup project, by the former creators of
  • Worked directly with the CTO on all tasks and helped architect and engineer a Rich Internet Application,, in ActionScript 3 and the LAMP stack.
  • Responsibilities included analysis of the project goals, turning functional descriptions into technical requirements, as well as concept development of various Flash games on the website.
  • Created custom CMS with hand coded AJAX calls and made use of some third party JS libraries.
  • Designed a CMS to create and control dynamic Flash Games, allowing an admin to create, modify, and manage a wide variety of game types without recompiling the Flash movie.
  • Worked on several “Flash Game Engines”: memory matching, jigsaw games, flip book.
  • Trained graphic artists in Flash concepts necessary to create artwork which can be easily used by a developer to create a playable game.
  • Created another system to help create and manage content for the site, by tracking workflow, and allowing for management to give feedback to the various employees, such as writers, graphic designers, and cartoonists.

[ 2000 – 2005 ]        Glendale Community College        Glendale, CA

  • Associates In Computer Science
  • Certificate In Information Systems
  • Associates In Arts
  • Completed CCNA Courses
  • Completed A+ Courses