Apple Online Store

Apple, Sunnyvale, CA 11/2013 – 08/2014

Senior Front-End Developer

  • Worked as a Senior Software Engineer for the Apple Online Store (AOS)
  • Wrote server side NodeJS tools for front end developers; to assist with rendering HTML on the server side with Mustache and JSON data models.
  • Did research and development to find a JavaScript based, server-side Mustache rendering engine: Hogan and FSHogan which can load templates from the file system.
  • Wrote a similar tool once deficiencies were discovered in Hogan, using Mustache.Java implementation.
  • Assisted with Web Objects to Spring MVC migration by porting existing Production HTML into Mustache and JSON data models.
  • Worked closely with back end team to finalize the data models contracts.
  • Responsible for jQuery 1.10 migration for, and Jasmine unit tests to facilitate Behavior Driven Development.
  • Made enhancements to existing MEAN Stack based Issue Monitor tool.
  • Responsible for Accessories page in the buy flow, as well as the site navigation, including footer and utility navigation, which is visible on all pages.
  • Provided mentorship and guidance, as well as architecture recommendations.