Cisco: IoT Solutions Architect

Wrote integrations with various systems using JavaScript in the Cisco Asset Manager product suite.

Cisco Systems, Inc., Remote 01/2016 – 02/2019

IoT Solutions Architect

  • Worked for the Cisco IoT innovations department on their Cisco Asset Management and Cisco Kinetic platforms. Software solutions for IoT deployments.
  • Used NodeJS to mock CAM’s Rhino JavaScript Interpreter, creating an internal tool for accelerating JavaScript plugin development in CAM, and facilitating integrations with Partners.
  • Setup a lab for experimentation with Raspberry PI 3, ZStick and Aeotec Smart Plug. Used C++ to alter Open ZWave Control Panel to produce an XML web service and wrote the JavaScript plugin for CAM to consume the data. Effectively Architecting a custom gateway for ZWave.
  • Setup a lab for experimentation with NuLeds smart LED lighting system via UDP protocol.
  • Helped design and setup a $10 million VMWare based Virtualized private cloud solution in North Carolina, RTP which utilized Cisco’s UCS, Storage, and Networking hardware solutions.
  • Used Filemaker to launch a data collection application on iOS devices for technicians doing surveys in the field, to help analyze IoT solutions for cell phone tower sites.
  • Wrote Java Swing based ETL tool to help pull data out of CAM into CSV format.
  • Worked with Industrial Routers such as the IR829, IOx containers, while productizing various IoT PoC solutions alongside with Cisco Partners.
  • Experimented with Node-Red on IR829, consuming REST-API’s and publishing them to MQTT, or other protocols which helped Cisco Partners with backhauling and processing data from the Edge.
  • Worked on integrating MTConnect agents into CAM with JavaScript.
  • Architected NodeJS based IoT simulator, and later created ReactJS based UI which was an internal tool that was used for data generation, to demonstrate the value proposition of IoT deployments.
  • Underwent “Inventor Training” to audit the possibility of filing a patent for our IoT Simulator.
  • Witnessed how the ‘End of Life’ of CAM gave birth to the adoption of an open source Distributed Service Architecture solution for IoT at Cisco, called Kinetic.
  • Audited existing documentation on DSLink development process for the Cisco Kinetic platform.
  • Wrote and curated developers experience for new DSLink developers, for the C++11 DSLink SDK, up on Cisco DevNet.
  • Created Debian and CentOS based images with SDK and IDE to accelerate developer adoption.
  • Wrote an open source DSLink in C++11 to act as an example of embedded development with DSA.
  • Provided QA, feedback, to Cisco partners during their DSLink development.