Greg @ theAudience

One of the worst experiences of my life has been trying to satisfy this startup, theAudience. This gentleman, Greg, met me on Saturday on gay pride parade day, in west Hollywood to interview me. I brought my wife. He did mention that he was a foreigner and was not too aware of how the agencies functioned. I explained to him that they collect a percentage on my hourly rate. We agreed that I would be working through an agency, because our introduction was made as such, and I was legally and ethically bound. I told him that I worked direct in the past before, even introduced by recruiters to certain companies, for a direct relationship. But that that ship had sailed for us. We shook hands and the deal was closed. I would start June 20th.

A week later On my first day on the job, they put me in an incredibly small room, with a total of 5 people. The day was slow, due to the 56K like internet connection. But I was the first to setup my working environment and get their systems running.

The day ended, I went home, only to receive a call from the agency telling me the assignment was done. I did not get a full explanation, since they only left a voice mail. I called Greg to confirm, and he said that "there was not enough space" and that they would "revisit in a week after they get the new office".
This is one the worst excuses I have heard in my life. Working from home didn't cross his mind?

The following day I spoke with my recruiter and she gave me a completely different story. She told me that they said I "was bored", and that they were uncomfortable because I "suggested" working outside the agency.

I told her I made no such suggestion, and that if they were truly uncomfortable then why did they ask me to come in a week later. She was confused, she thought the suggestion was made on the first day of the job. I told her that the only time the word "agency" even left my mouth on Monday was when they handed me a W9 and I told them it wasn't necessary since I would be getting paid through the agency.

So thank you Greg, for slandering my name, and lying to my face, and ruining my plans, and wasting my time.
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