Rich Internet Applications Architect

Robert Baindourov


Searching for a position that will have me architecting solutions in one or all of the following languages: PHP, MySQL, HTML5, jQuery, CSS, and ActionScript.

Employment Experience

[April - Present]                                               Disney                         North Hollywood, CA

 jQuery / CSS3 / HTML5 / Java

  • Worked as a front end developer for

  • Responsible for writing jQuery, HTML5, and CSS3 code as well as some Freemarker and Java.

  • Integrated  'Box Set' redemption system, allowing users to redeem coupon codes from DVD box sets.

  • Added new pages to the 'My Movie Library', the tile and list view.

  • Added chaptering system to the movie player.

  • Added informational tool tips for when users mouse over movies in the catalog and library.

[ April ]                                                                 Santa Monica, CA

 Zend Framework / jQuery

  • Analyzed their current reporting system written in Zend Framework, both front and back end.

  • Reprogrammed the charting system to work with HighCharts for iPad and iOS browsers.

  • Created FusionChart data converters in jQuery.

  • Hooked the ViewHelper to display Pie, Column, Line, Spline, and Area charts with HighCharts.


[January 2011 - February]                                                Encino, CA

 ActionScript 3 / CodeIgniter PHP / jQuery

  • Worked on the Cyberville, Tower Defense, Facebook game using Flash ActionScript 3 for Northrop Grumman. Made heavy use of OOP to create basic elements such as threats, towers, blocks, towns, and blocks within the game.

  • Used observer and singleton design patterns to properly structure the game system.

  • Finished up the Block Editor, a Flash map editor app used to design levels within the game, which is embedded in a CodeIgniter CMS.

  • Contributed to game play by removing critical errors in the game play associated with pausing.

  • Created the leader board and achievement sections, integrating with Facebook to retrieve friends profile pictures. Responsible for architecting the MySQL database,  for creating JSON Web Services in CodeIgniter PHP. Wrote frontend code in ActionScript and jQuery to consume the Web Services.

  • Worked on a Fox Movies 'Million Moments' ad campaign using ActionScript 3. Designed my own CMS and RESTful web services using Zend Framework.

  • Architected the entire system, Flash frontend and Zend CMS with JSON Web Services, which used the ‘Playoffs’ model to allow people to vote on their favorite movies and see which one was the winner.

[November - December]                                                      Burbank, CA

Frontend Engineer for Advertising.Yahoo.Com (AYC)

  • Worked on the Business to Business portal. Used Red Hat Enterprise Linux and a custom development environment. Made styling changes to the Search filters. Most of the work was PHP.

  • Worked on bringing image search and video search into the local search on AYC.

  • Worked on a new Drupal based CMS system, hosted on

  • Made modification to Drupal UI, and helped extend custom Overlay Editing System.

  • Helped troubleshoot production issues by minimizing CPU load on servers for Drupal based content, and memory leaks in the B2B portal.

 [June 2010 – October]                                        West Los Angeles, CA

ZendFramework / ActionScript / HTML5 / jQuery

  • MashOn is an agile development environment, highly innovative, the company is betting on HTML5. Responsible for porting the company’s core business systems, the flash product creator, into HTML5 and new open formats. Evaluated many JavaScript frameworks, like GWT, SenchaTouch, SproutCore, and Cappucino.

  • Used Zend and ActionScript 3 to create the “Airhogs Movie Masher”

  • Made modifications to the web service server, which was built using Zend, to convert serialized flash content into SVG images.

  • Upgraded and managed Magento stores for MGM, Tokyopop, and Jim Henson.

  • Porting  to HTML5 with an admin system built on Grails.

[March 2009 – December 2009]                                             Encino, CA

LAMP/ZendFramework Developer

  • Worked with the ZendFramework on their next generation lead bidding system and affiliate network.

  • Worked with a large team of offshore developers.

  • Used jQuery and other javascript libraries to design “fancy” effects on the new site

  • Ran an Audit of the “Publishers” experience, and created a user’s guide.

  • Created a lead generation network of several sites using an in house technology called private feeds


[May 2008 – December 2008]               BCBGMAXAZRIA, INC.                            Vernon, CA

LAMP Developer / Flash ActionScripter / Graphic Designer

  • Maintained Virtual Catalog application on by editing XML files and writing PHP scripts which interfaced with the MySQL database to provide dynamic data as a web service.

  • Modified the Virtual Catalog application with ActionScript 2.0. Rewrote the majority of the functionality, adding new features such as the “auto flip”, “buy links”, and “page preview”.

  • Created dynamic CMS driven systems for all of the websites. Used Ajax, CSS, and LAMP to write the CMS backend.

  • Created marketing campaigns and analyzed data for “First Ladies” election driven marketing campaign, and holiday driven “Gift Giving” campaign.

  • Integrated websites with CoreMetrics analytics using JavaScript and Flash together.

  • Integrated flash with Omniture ActionSource analytics by embedding specialized ActionScript code and objects into the applications.

  • Integrated all of their branded websites with ExactTarget Email marketing solution using cURL.

  • Created the “Create Your Look” application from scratch using ActionScript 2.0.


 [May 2007 – May 2008]                             Age of Learning                             Glendale, CA

LAMP Developer / Flash ActionScripter / Graphic Designer

  • A new start up project, another child entertainment site, started by the former CEO, COO, and CTO of The new site is an RIA, fully done in flash, with the server giving out SWF files and XML data mostly. The only HTML page served is the index page which contains the flash shell.

  • Responsibilities included analysis of the project goals. Turning functional descriptions into technical requirements as well as Concept Development of various Flash Games on the website.

  • Worked directly with the CTO, Bill McCaffery, on all tasks, who is a partner in the company.

  • Coded Content Management systems with hand coded AJAX calls and made use of some third party libraries.

  • Designed a content management system to create and control dynamic Flash Games, allowing an admin to create, modify, and manage a wide variety of game types without recompiling the Flash movie.

  • Created several “Flash Game Engines” which are essentially flash movies that make heavy use of ActionScript 3.0 and PHP to load content dynamically, such as memory matching, jigsaw games, and even a story book which turns pages, and reads the story to your children.

  • Trained graphic artists in Flash concepts necessary to create artwork which can be easily used by a developer to create a playable game.

  • Created systems to help create and manage content for the site, tracking work flow, and allowing for management to give Feedback (do QA) to the various employees, such as writers, graphic designers, and cartoonists.

  • ActionScripted editing systems which allow parents to record and playback their own versions of famous fairy tales and other stories for their children by recording Video/Audio to a Flash Media Server.

[November 2006– January 2007]         Robert Half Technology                     Westwood, CA

LAMP Developer / Flash ActionScripter / Graphic Designer

  •  Worked as an ActionScript and PHP programmer for Bandai’s Power Rangers Operation Overdrive website. Responsibilities included analysis of the project, setting up a development server (LAMP), creating the MySQL database, and doing all of the coding required to add Flash animations and searchable content into the website dynamically.

  • Coded a CMS that allows Bandai to insert, update, and delete toys from their four categories of toys, manage promotions and sneak peaks, and lets users search for toys.

  • Responsible for integrating a content management system for this flash website. Created an admin section on their website where, after logging in, the admin can manage distributors, manage news articles, change background images, and some other text on the flash site. Recreated the flash registration form “Join Club Kissui” in PHP. Setup a scheduled report to be emailed every Sunday of all new Club members.

  • Consulted this non profit about their web design, and redesigned their website’s navigation system using JavaScript and CSS. Also created a new flash banner for the site, and modified and added various pages and flash slideshows on their website.

[May – October 2006]                               iDigital Graphics                          Studio City, CA

PHP Programmer /  Database Administrator / Flash-Graphic Designer

  • Employed as webmaster and programmer to develop multiple e-commerce projects of varying complexity. Was required to setup and manage Fedora Core 2 or FreeBSD dedicated servers for most of the projects.

  • Feature rich e-commerce shopping cart store programmed from scratch around their design. Needed to cut up their Illustrator files into slices, actually creating a static site with ImageReady, and then proceeded to program in the functionality into their website. Features such a wholesale section, gift certificates, donations, gift registry, and even a bulletin board. Users receive points and ratings for participation in the sites extra features.

  • The admin section has Content Management System in the form of a products catalog which can be updated item by item, or by batch file processing. Also they have the ability to control content inside some of the flash elements of the site and the ability to write newsletters, track users, and process and track retail and wholesale orders.

  • Shipping is automatically calculated by connecting to UPS, transmitting weight and destination information, and receiving an estimate.

  •  A new project recently started that will eventually innovate printing. Still under construction.

  • First converted a printed catalog into a website. Then created a shopping cart system specifically designed for this jewelry wholesaler.

[2000-Present]                                                   Sherman Oaks, CA is my personal company, under which I manage offshore programmers and graphic designers, and do any freelance projects. The primary services I provide are web hosting, custom software development, internet marketing. Check for my current work and blurbs.

  • Made modifications to open source SVG editor project. Added user accounts with ZendFramework.

  • The idea is to create a photoshop SAS site.

  • Inspired by Muro project, and Adobe Photoshop online. / /

  • Created custom ecommerce store for my wife. being executed with Web 2.0 libraries.

  • Originally wrote a custom framework for in 2004.

  • Currently using ZendFramework for

  • Created the club fitting wizard, and scripted the functionality of all the other forms on the site.

  • Installed online auction software on one of my dedicated servers for my father.

  • Classic ASP project with MS SQL 2010 Express.

  • Made modifications to the order placement process in the E-Commerce code (cart creator).

  • Created Coupon redemption system using LAMP.

  • Upgraded flash image galleries and slideshows from ActionScript 2 to 3.

  • Created custom Workshop purchasing system using jQuery and AJAX.

  • Did the entire website from scratch.

  • Created a composition of the website with graphic editing tools.

  • Turned the artwork into a functional website.

  • Used PHP/MySQL on a dedicated windows server to create the site.

  • Made modifications to the order placement process.

  • Added packaging supplies section as the third step of the ordering process

  • Hooked the new section into the existing code and functionality.

  • Worked with css, javascript, php/mysql to finish the clients modifications.

  • Created a special landing page to track the effectiveness of affiliate advertising.

Blake Neely Productions

  • Took over a project from “The Mouse Pad”, apparently they couldn’t back up their advertising claims and were unable to deliver the project.

  • My responsibilities include managing their server, running fedora core 2, and setting up a custom job tracking and approval system, as well as fixing the overall appearance of the site by using their Photoshop artwork.

  • Blake Neely writes scores for scenes from shows or movies, and the music must be approved by producers. The job tracking system allows producers to view a streaming movie clip, listen to music, add comments, and approve or disapprove a particular scene, streamlining the process.

  • Plus the system allows others involved to collaborate together by leaving messages and uploading files in a centralized location, categorized by project.


  • Took the existing static website and created a dynamic template to expedite development. Taught the owner how to use this as a Content Management System.

  • Designed the application from scratch, creating a database layout first in MySQL Control Center and phpMyAdmin.

  • The application is another automation system to outsource graphic design work to Armenia.

  • Allows clients to sign up, submit photos for processing, and receive an estimate. A merchant account was integrated to make this a full E-Commerce application, automatically processing payments from any client which accepts the estimate.

  • Backend is split and sent to another domain to conceal the source of the work, and is customized specifically to track the progress of each order, and to track and log the flow of clients and workers.

  •  A simple accounting system was created.



  • Took the existing static website and created a dynamic template to expedite development.

  • Cataloged and redesigned the entire site, updating the look of as many pages as possible.

  • Supplied all graphic design, and flash, necessary for the website.

  • Integrating a shopping cart and merchant account.

WestOn Letters

  • Took over an unfinished error prone project started by competing company. I took the existing dynamic website and redesigned it.

  • Redesigned the database architecture to fit correct design concepts.

  • Created user section, administrator section, and shopping cart.

  • Created a “Sign Builder” functionality allowing clients to customize their own real estate (House Numbers) signs and receive an estimate.

  • Created a content management system and integrated E-Commerce functionality by hooking the shopping cart with Merchant Account and Payment Gateway.

  • Used OOP to structure PHP code.

  • Created backend to automate the life cycle of an order for WestOn Letters.

  • This person also commissioned, and through time I occasionally receive other requests from owner; various upgrades or changes on either site.

D & D Marketing

  • Setup a Windows 2003 Server, running Apache 2.0, MySQL 5, and PHP 5.

  • Designed an automation system for brokers to track leads, and process loan applications for borrowers interested in refinancing or purchasing in CA. Database design and administration was done with MySQL CC, MySQL Administrator, and phpMyAdmin.

  • Application allows administrator to upload an Excel file in order to populate the database and assign the leads to specific brokers.

  • Users can filter leads based upon different criteria and download a generated Excel sheet containing the data.

  • Duplicate leads and possible competitors are flagged and filtered.

  • Integrated in-house office system with an affiliates system to automatically process an incoming Excel file and POST payday (cash advance) leads into affiliate’s server.

  • Designed and created a “Live Transfer” system,, which allows companies specializing in lending in other states to sign up and receive lead transfers over the phone and via the internet.

  • Statistics, payments, and users are all tracked by the administrative section.

  • Integrated online database system with an automatic dialer and proprietary software.

Bouncing-Souls Inc

  • Created special effects using Javascript and CSS.

  • Created several websites using Flash and Graphic Design.

  • Created Print Shop website

  • Providing the web Hosting solution for the client.

  • The site primarily originated as a template. The solution required modifications to this template.

  • Altered the Flash banner by changing the text and graphics.

  • Changed graphics and text site wide.

  • Created a script to read through and index the files used in the site.

  • Allowed users to enter a search phrase, and search the website.

  • Designed and implemented a website for a yogurt powder manufacturer.

  • Used LAMP architecture to fulfill the server side scripting required for a basic shopping cart.

  • Did Flash Design for graphics and sound on the website.


Metropolitan Credit Counseling, Inc

  • Responsible for the customization of a template and a simple, custom, job tracking system for Changed the flash animations and did graphic design, creating a new logo for the client and then coded an automation system using LAMP.

  • Users can sign up for services online, E-Sign any required documents, and track the progress of their credit counseling, credit repair, settlement, or corporate profiling service all through the website.


[March – April 2004]                          Advent Home Health Care                        Glendora, CA

Security Consultant

  • Performed an entire security overhaul, in compliance with HIPPA standards.

  • Took inventory of computer systems in use, inventory of software installed on each system.

  • Performed risk assessment for the entire facility, analyzing and identifying possible threats and weaknesses.

  • Put in place Procedures and Protocols.  

[2002-2003]                                               V2Net Solutions                                Glendale, CA

Programmer / Consultant / Database Administrator

  • Consulted a small partnership; explaining to them how to create E-Commerce web sites.

  • Setup Windows 2003 Server with IIS, FTP, Email, Remote Desktop, and other services in a datacenter.

  • Developed an ASP/MS Access shopping cart, integrated with transaction processing through Merchant Account and Payment Gateway.

  • Did all other coding, including Javascript and hand coded HTML.

  • Started E-Commerce Trucking website using ASP/MySQL. The site is a search portal to connect companies with loads to move with companies that have truckers willing to transport.

  • Created user sign up for different account types, member sections for each account, and posting and searching capabilities. Consumed a XML web service to allow companies to limit their search by distance or radius.

  • Created Multi-Level-Marketing site by combining two existing projects, which ultimately did not take off.


[2001-2002]                                                                             Glendale, CA

Consultant / Sales Rep / Software Tester / Technician

  • Worked in sales, providing dedicated servers for bulk mailing systems; rented and sold lists.

  • Provided technical support to clients.

  • Setup servers in a Data Center; responsibilities included some router configuration, configuration of  Windows and Red Hat 9 boxes, SQL server setup, network maintenance, and the assembly and repair of servers.

Computer Skills

  • Web Development: 10 years experience using PHP, ASP, .Net, Java, and Python server-side scripting languages to construct E-Commerce websites and various other solutions for business. Expert in HTML5, CSS3 and the jQuery library. Wrote shopping carts, content management systems, custom automation systems, and dynamic flash, RIA, sites.


  • Implemented websites which consume XML web services and transmit XML to other machines.

  • Well versed in Multi-Tier architecture, and Model View Controller frameworks.

  • Experienced in installing and configuring Linux and Windows servers.

  • Experienced in using Photoshop CS to cut out website templates and generate XHTML layouts.

  • Experienced in creating Flash animations on the timeline. Expert in ActionScript 2 and 3.

  • Database Design and Administration: Can write advanced data creation and manipulation queries from scratch. Programmed MS Access Databases for small businesses. Experienced with creating and administrating MySQL, MS-SQL, and Oracle databases. Used MySQL GUI tools, phpMyAdmin and MS Enterprise Manager as tools to layout and create database designs.



[2000-2005]                               Glendale Community College                            Glendale, CA

  • Associates In Computer Science

  • Associates In Information Systems

  • Associates In Arts

  • Completed CCNA Courses

  • Completed A+ Courses

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