Recently I had the pleasure of working with the HighCharts library, doing telecommute work for Rubicon Project.

This was a small contract for the company down in Santa Monica, and they wanted to redo their internal reporting system to HTML5.

They were already using FusionCharts, which does have iOS and HTML5 support.

But apparently paying a thousand bucks just for a license and then paying another nine thousand to a developer didn't make any sense to them.

So they skipped over FusionCharts and asked me to install HighCharts and customize their Zend Framework powered reporting system.

The API fed the FusionCharts with data, and that had to be modified as well.

Ultimately I had very little PHP to write. Simply extending the ViewHelper class to check for iOS and then fire off the HighCharts JavaScript.

There was only a little finessing I had to do with the old data format. But thanks to jQuery's sizzle selector, it was so easy!

I made quick work of the project, and did it while I was working another job simultaneously.

Under budget, ahead of schedule.