/, Brentwood, CA 07/2015 – 12/2015

Lead Backend Developer

  • Lead backend developer using NodeJS, MeteorJS, and ReactJS, at a startup.
  • Wrote custom Salesforce data syncing job using SOQL API to pull data and store into Postgres.
  • Wrote page scraper in NodeJS to pull publicly available data from
  • Created integration to streamline accounting department operations in MeteorJS.
  • Working on ReactJS based sales assist wizard to streamline field sales with MeteorJS mobile app.
  • Created lead enrichment service in Ruby, Sinatra, on top of Apache with Passenger to verify lead address’ with SmartyStreets API and add more data back to Salesforce from RealtyTrac API.
  • Created PHP based Facebook LeadGen form integration.
  • Managed AWS account, Jenkins based Continuous Integration, and GitFlow when applicable.