Universal Music Group: DevOps & ReactJS

Universal Music Group, Woodland Hills, CA 08/2019 – 12/2019

DevOps & Micro-Services Consultant

  • Worked on a content rendering system; Micro-Service based solution built on top of AWS cloud. Doing high level design, development, and DevOps for LAMP and MERN projects in the service mesh.
  • Setup Drupal Dockerfile and Jenkins pipeline which was a project that used Drupal to feed text content into AWS ElasticSearch, and static content into S3 and CloudFront, as part of the Solution Architecture.
  • Integrated transpilation and unit testing as part of the CI/CD pipeline for the NodeJS based services.
  • Made heavy use of MultiStage Dockerfiles, Bash Scripts, Jenkins Pipelines and GitFlow VCS strategies to setup a CI/CD pipeline for various environments.
  • Setup Docker-Compose to launch NGINX, MariaDB, PHPFPM and NodeJS Service Mesh into a Docker Swarm cluster hosted on AWS EC2 instances, load balanced with traefik.
  • Integrated Jenkins with Vault for secret store.
  • Used Portainer to debug Docker stacks and containers running in Docker Swarm on EC2.
  • Experimented with Terraform, Kubernetes, and TeamCity.
  • Architect and coded sentiment system, allowing users to register likes against the content.
  • Used NodeJS, ExpressJS, and TypeScript to create an API service that is integrated with DynamoDB and ElasticSearch.
  • Setup PM2 workflows for development and mentored developers on BabelJS and TypeScript workflows for UI and API NodeJS services.
  • Used ReactJS and Redux to display Notifications, Content, and Likes in a UI Rendering Micro-Service. And a ReactJS based progressive web app for mobile.
  • Integrated Drupal, API, and UI services with NewRelic and Splunk for application monitoring.
  • Integrated NodeJS API with Service Now, and eTAS to provide notifications to the UI.