About Me

Over 10 years of experience with programming computers. I first learned how to create HTML pages from scratch in 1996 in the California ROP program. I was just a 16 year old high school student at the time. During those times I played around a lot with computer repair and construction. I built many computers for myself, and relatives, and was the go to guy for repair. I saw the coming and going of the Y2K event, and that was about the time I started programming in BASIC, in 2000.
I had many options while I was studying, and I think I tried many things before I decided to stick to the Windows platform and development due to its market share. I wanted to program something, so I used Visual Basic to create a keylogger/telnet server/root kit type of program. I quickly began to play with Java and Visual C++ as well. Seeking more challenge and efficiency, I tried to port the keylogger to Visual C++. This is when I first received exposure to the MVC model and MFC. MFC is short for Microsoft Foundation Classes, a framework that wraps the WIN32 API in a more convenient paradigm of Object Oriented Programming.

As I began to study for my baccalaureate degree, I completed Trig, Calculus, Physics, Discrete Math, Algorithm Design in C++, CCNA courses, A+, Web Programming in Java, Algorithm Theory in Java, SQL, Language Design, BASIC, Visual Basic, C, C++, Java and Advanced Java, and many other courses.

While in school I was a tutor and worked a SI workshop. Supplement Instruction was a mass tutoring session of sorts, many students could come to a designated computer equipped classroom, where I would help them and teach them. I also had part time employment doing database design for a small business. And some data entry as well as network setup, backups, check design and check printing for a CPA.

I was drawn into the world of web development in about 2002 - 2003, again while still in school. And that offered a whole new Universe of Challenges. Things had changed since 1996, at least for me, and by the time I was coding systems, I had to tackle CSS, browser inconsistencies, and a new world of emerging technologies.

My first project's I executed for a client, a mock shopping cart VB.NET.

Next thing I new I partnered up with these 2 graphic designers and we made 3 sites together. Our own site, which was a computer store and web design company. www.v2netsolutions.com I've since repurchased the domain, and I am working on the site. I've also  repurchased www.allstateloads.com, which is a trucking company site we had developed together. Another domain I want to snag but has been taking by a squatter is boogyoogy.com. Another site I did with the v2net guys. Both v2net and allstate where done with classic ASP. But boogyoogy is a project I managed outsourcing on. I merged an email system with a MLM system in PHP.

Needless to say neither one of these ventures worked out in my interest. And I quickly found myself using those 3 sites, while still up online, to propel myself into a new gig. My relationship with the designers dissolved and I got the job to finish and fix  westonletters.com which was a php project. So I learned on the Fly. PHP.  He was a repeat client and I made trace4less.com for him too, also a LAMP stack project. At the same time I got a referral from him and did work on bravo-systems.com.

I've done many many sites since then. All in PHP. And this is when I started learning Photoshop, Flash, CSS, and JavaScript. Just cause I knew LAMP didn't mean I could run my own web design company! I knew about MFC, and MVC on desktop development, but had yet to encounter it in my web development studies. At least not in PHP. I heard about Spring and Hibernate about this time, but I didn't know that counterparts existed in PHP. I assumed that the nature of the PHP language was for one man projects with code inline with design. That was my style at least, that and a home cooked library of classes (not very well written, but functional). Smarty and Zend quickly came into perspective.

I spent the next few years perfecting my craft. Its 2010 now, and I have my own web hosting company, and web design company. I hope to grow it into a larger business.
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